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Revolutionize Your Entry Experience


Unlock the future of entry systems with the WIRELESS XENTRY DOOR-MASTER SYSTEM, featuring cutting-edge Bluetooth-combination technology and the innovative Bio-TouchPad module. Experience unparalleled convenience and security at your fingertips, whether for your office, home, or any building.

Bluetooth Integration

Bluetooth Integration

Bio-TouchPad Technology

Bio-TouchPad Technology

Versatile Installation Options

Versatile Installation Options

EU Craftsmanship Guarantee

EU Craftsmanship Guarantee

Discover the Innovative Features.

Versatile Access Options

The WIRELESS XENTRY DOOR-MASTER SYSTEM provides advanced access via the Bio-TouchPad module, which works with a registered finger, PIN code, Bluetooth connectivity and a smartphone app.

Easy Installation Options

This system is available in three configurations for quick and effortless installation, making it suitable for a variety of applications and environments.

Ease of use and Safety

Designed for ease of use without sacrificing safety, the Bio-TouchPad module provides a seamless user experience with the guarantee of top quality materials and craftsmanship from the EU.

Bio-TouchPad Configurations

Integrated Handle Installation

The Bio-TouchPad module seamlessly integrates into a stainless steel handle of your choice, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics of your entryway.

Set starting at €1089

Wall-Mounted Box Installation

Opt for a wall-mounted box next to your door for easy access and control, a perfect blend of convenience and security.


Door Leaf or Frame Installation

Embed the Bio-TouchPad directly into your door leaf or frame for a sleek and minimalistic look.


Handle Sizes and Shapes

Choose from handle sizes: 600, 800, 1000, 1500, 1800 mm or custom size. Available shapes include square (30 x 30 mm), rectangle (40 x 20 mm), and round (Ø30 mm).

Custom Pricing


Bio-TouchPad with CU103/2 Controller

Combine the Bio-TouchPad with a CU103/2 controller for enhanced door management capabilities, including power adapter and necessary wiring.

Set starting at $1020

Bio-TouchPad with CU201/2 Controller

This setup includes the Bio-TouchPad and the CU201/2 controller, ideal for integrating with motorized or magnetic locks.

Set starting at €1020

Bio-TouchPad with CU303 BBX Controller

Advanced security option featuring the Bio-TouchPad with a CU303  or BBX controller, ensuring robust access control and safety.


Bio-TouchPad with New Satellite Controller

Experience the latest in door security technology with the Bio-TouchPad combined with a new Satellite controller, for superior performance and reliability.


Additional Options

Custom Installation

Tailor the installation of your Bio-TouchPad to meet specific architectural and operational needs.

Quote on Request

Extended Warranty

Opt for an extended warranty to ensure your system remains in peak condition, with priority customer support.


Professional Consultation

Have our experts visit your site for a comprehensive assessment and personalized system setup recommendations.


On-Demand Customization

We offer customization options for the Bio-TouchPad to perfectly match your unique security requirements and design preferences.

Custom Pricing

European Craftsmanship and Quality Assurance

At the heart of our DRAADLOOS XENTRY DOOR-MASTER SYSTEMS is a commitment to superior craftsmanship and the use of premium materials, all sourced and assembled within the European Union. This dedication ensures each component of our systems, from the Xentry cylinder to the Bio-TouchPad module, meets rigorous standards of quality and durability.

Our manufacturing process combines advanced technology with the meticulous skill of our artisans, resulting in products that are not only robust and reliable but also elegantly designed. Each piece is crafted to provide the utmost security without compromising on aesthetics, making them a perfect fit for both modern and traditional settings.

We understand the importance of long-term reliability in security systems, which is why we are proud to offer a three-year warranty on all our products. This warranty is a testament to the confidence we have in our manufacturing processes and the materials we use. It covers any defects in materials or workmanship, ensuring that your investment is protected over time.

Choosing our systems means opting for peace of mind, knowing that you are securing your property with a product held to the highest standards of European craftsmanship. With our three-year warranty, we commit to supporting you long after your initial purchase, guaranteeing assistance and protection that you can count on.

Ready to Enhance Your Security?

Have questions or need a personalized presentation on our advanced door-master systems? We’re here to provide all the answers you need and arrange a detailed demonstration at your convenience.