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DoorMaster XENTRY Smart Cylinder

We invite all interested parties to contact us for more detailed information and to make reservations for the product, which will be introduced to the market at a 10% discounted price for a limited quantity of 50 units. Thank you.

Security control by Artguard Security

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of our new electronic cylinder, Xentry. The cylinder is available in eight different sizes to accommodate all types and thicknesses of doors, and is proudly manufactured in the EU as part of our Biotronic Products family.

While the mechanical cylinder is complete, we are still conducting software testing and upgrades. The final version of Xentry will allow for Internet connectivity and management via our XC Manager mobile application, as well as connection to Alexa and similar applications. Control options: via XC Manager application – Bluetooth, Control via BBX Controller, Contol via Bio-TouchPad (code, fingerprint, smartphone).

The inside knob of the cylinder does not have any software functions, only mechanical. However, if a visitor is standing outside your door, you can unlock/activate the cylinder from inside using your smartphone via Bluetooth or an Alexa voice command. The cylinder will activate automatically even if you just come close to the door with your registered smartphone, and this function can be switched on/off.

The black housing for the electronic components (PCB) and batteries is installed on the inside part of the door.