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Access in Corona time and after The coronavirus has brought death, fear, mistrust, doubt, and drastic measures into our lives. Humanity will undoubtedly come out of this crisis, but as always there will be positive and negative consequences that will affect how we live, behave and act. The current corona crisis will undoubtedly increase interest in contactless systems. It is known that bacteria and viruses are not only transmitted from person to person, but also from object to person. For example, if an infected person grabs a door handle, there is a good chance that the next person will become infected if they hold the handle and touch their face, mouth, or eyes with unwashed hands. Institutions and companies – small and large – should start thinking today about a cleaner environment in which we move and take measures that reduce the risk of infection in the work environment. Prepare for the post-corona period. Check out our selection of contactless access terminals. Call or email us to discuss your specific situation.