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BioTronic Handle

Biotronic handles is a product line of stainless steel door handles with an integrated fingerprint reader. The convenient placement of the capacitive surface sensor on the handle allows the user to open the lock and door at the same time.

The Biotronic handle has two relay outputs, so it can unlock the door and activate another device (alarm, garage door, etc.).

The first time you use the device, you choose how you program the device, and later you can change it. If you want to select a different programming mode after a certain time, you must reset the device to factory settings and re-enter all fingerprints, and adjust the other settings.

BioTronic stainless steel handle consists of two units: the fingerprint reader, installed in the handle, and the internal unit (controller) with an integrated relay. The indoor station is always placed in a safe place in the door leaf or in the fuse box, depending on the controller model you choose.
The communication between the units is protected by a 256-bit rolling code, which makes hacking the device virtually impossible.

BioTronic handle dimensions: 600-800-1000-1500-1800 mm, or custom size.
Relay outputs: 2

Programming analog version: with an internal controller (to be built into the door leaf) or an external controller (to be placed outside the door leaf), with two integrated buttons.
BioTronic handle mounting: on the door leaf

Register administrator and users, WiFi version: with a smartphone using X-Manager APP for iOS or Android.
Sensor Type: Area Capacitive with 3D Imaging
Hacking protection: 256-bit rolling code

Prices include BioTronic handle, power supply, controller, and connection cable
Delivery: Manufactured and delivered 8-12 days after receiving your order and payment.

The biometric algorithm is certified in the US by the NIST National Institute and is MINEX 3 certified.
These are top-quality products made in the EU, with a three-year warranty and lifetime service.
BioTronic handles and BioReaders can be used in homes, offices, labs, hospitals, and all kinds of businesses to control access rights.


Sizes available : 600 – 800 – 1000 – 1500 – 1800 mm – custom size available
Administrators :3  in analog version or unlimited (smartphone WiFi-version with X-Manager app
Fingerprint Memory : 166
Relay : 2
Programming : with integrated knobs (analog) or with a smartphone (WiFi-version)
Installation : door leaf
Sensor type : 3D capacitative image forming
Hacking protection : 256-bit rolling code