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Z-18 Motorised lock


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The Z-18 release system is the best product for your door. One can enter the room using a fingerprint, code, card, Bluetooth, or backup key. Z-18 is not only versatile but also very practical: it has a built-in motor drive that automatically unlocks your mortise lock. When you're in the room, just press the button to lock the door again!

Z-18 can be used on cylinder-operated locks (bolt and latch bolt retracted). Do you have a cylinder-operated multi-point security system on your door? No problem, the Z-18 retracts deadbolt, latch bolt, and security bolts.

If you have a standard mortise lock in your door, only the deadbolt will retract. It works the same as your mechanical key: you unlock the deadbolt and then push the lever down to retract the latch bolt.

Z-18 is powered by 4 CR123A Li batteries which are included in a package. There are also 2 pieces of key rings/cards and a cylinder with spare keys.

Remove the old cylinder and insert the new cylinder, then attach the Z-18 to the door. It is a quick and easy installation, we can say that "almost everyone" can do it. Once the system is installed, simply launch the app and determine the direction of rotation of your door, set it in the app, and voila, you are ready to enroll fingerprints, create codes, and register cards.
Protection: IP65 or higher. It can be used outside for entrance doors.