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Product Name: Smart Cylinder Lock, 5A01
Material: Aluminum Alloy/Stainless Steel + Brass
Size: 148*40 mm
Cylinder Length: 65 mm, 70 mm, 75 mm, 80 mm, 85 mm, 90 mm, 95 mm, 100 mm, 105 mm, 110 mm, 115 mm, 120 mm, 125 mm
Door Thickness: 35 mm-100 mm
Unlocking Method: RFID Card, TTLock APP, NFC
Power Supply: 2 pieces CR2 Batteries
Card Capacity: 100
Working Temperature: -25°~65°
Waterproof Grade: IP65
Color: Silver
SKG*** Certified


2 in stock (can be backordered)

Smart Electronic Euro Cylinder 5A01
Keyless Digital cylinder with:
RFID Card Reader
NFC Bluetooth

IP65 Waterproof suitable for outdoor use
DIY Installation
Simple, Intelligent and Money Saving
Replace your old cylinder without drilling holes or need to replace your existing lock or door.

BlueTooth electronic cylinder-5A01
SKG 3 stars Certified
• Anti-drill, Anti-bumping, Anti-pick
• Anti-technology break-in
• Key-free, with a mobile phone app and IC card

Smart Electronic Euro Cylinder 5A01 is easy to install in less than five minutes, but if for any reason you are unable to install it yourself, you can find a professional handyman here.
Make an appointment with someone who wants to install it and ask for an official quote of the installation costs.
Programming the Smart Electronic Euro Cylinder 5A01 is of course your own responsibility. After all, it is not wise to pass on your main code or password to third parties. You could be endangering your safety.

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