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Electromechanical lock with pusher

Dit product is momenteel niet op voorraad.

The only electromechanical lock in the market with deadbolt pushing (?shooting?) at opening, resulting in door light opening. It works even if external opening force is applied (for instance, pulling the door handle up). The lock is intended for mounting on safe deposit boxes, built-in cabinets, locker room cabinets, documentation storage boxes, fire cabinets, etc. The lock may be used for holding the doors in opened/closed condition. Automatic adjustment of deadbolt in case of loose mounting. Retention force of 300 kg, 40x66x25mm, initial static force of door opening of 0.75 kg



Promix-SM104.10, Promix-SM104.11, Promix-SM104.10.1, Promix-SM104.11.1