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Fingerprint BIOREADER




Fingerprint BioReader module analog operation via the buttons on the control unit is simple to handle and provides basic functions. Registration up to 166 fingerprints, 3 Administrator fingers.

Fingerprint BioReader module with X-MANAGER smartphone app Bluetooth, WiFi (within reach),
App control offers a wider range of settings, see video
You can set a free passage mode, unlimited and limited time entrance per user, check events history, LED control settings, blue backlight on/off, etc.
3 year warranty

If for some reason you cannot install it yourself, then seek a professional electrician or handyman.
Ask for an official quote of the installation costs before making the appointment. Programming the system is of course your own responsibility. After all, it is not wise to pass on your main code or password to a third party.
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FINGERPRINT BIOREADER is also available with WiFi

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One set contains:

Fingerprint BioReader (built-in or surface-mounted)
Controller with WiFi module (available: DIN controller or controller for installation in door leaf)
Power supply 230V / 12V 3A
Cable with connectors for the lock
Made in EU4You

Fingerprint BioReader module is mainly designed to be built into the door leaf or wall mounted. It is one of the smallest and thinnest fingerprint readers on the market. The aluminum housing has a slim and unobtrusive design, suitable for any modern entrance door.
Fingerprint BioReader housing has no keys or movable parts; Status is indicated by color-coded lighting and an integrated beeper.

BioReader can be easily programmed with the supplied Controller (analog) or by using X-MANAGER application downloaded in your smart phone. Remote control is also available.
It is primarily designed for everyday business or home use.
The internal unit where the relays are located is securely embedded in the door leaf and cannot be accessed from the outside. There are two relay outputs, so in addition to opening the door, Fingerprint BioReader can start another device (for example, an alarm, a second input, etc.). DIN type Controller can be mounted in a fuse box or on the wall (surface box, see third photo above).

Technical data
the reader consists of two units: the external fingerprint reader and the internal unit with integrated relays. The internal unit is always hidden in a safe place (inside the door leaf or fuse box). Communication between the units is secured by a 256-bit rolling code that makes hacking the device virtually impossible.

Dimensions: 81x37 mm
Administrator memory slots: 3
Fingerprint Capacity: 1000
Relay outputs: 2
Device Management: With Remote Control
Installation method: In the door leaf, or mounted on the wall with a 30° holder or flush-mounted box
Sensor type: Capacitive sensor with 3D imaging
Hacking protection: 256-bit rolling code


Fingerprint BioPass module



R7-BR-B, R7-BR-S, R7-BR-4S, R7-BR-4