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With 10 PIN codes
· 2 master pin codes
· Sliding lid
· Backlit keyboard
Power supply: 3 x 1.5 V AA batteries
· 9 cm. crankshaft
· With the emergency key
· Comes complete with a self-locking panic lock.
· Can operate handle-operated multi-point lock!
· Fits almost all European mortise locks!
CE certificate
IP65 protection content:
· EN Manual
· Fixing material
1 set LP903 code lock

What is the turning direction of my door?

Please use the ORDER NOTES field in Shop’s CHECKOUT section to tell us about the turning direction of your door: L1, R4, L3, or R2.






Available on backorder

LP903A CODE LOCK - currently sold out. Call 0639581266 or send an email to to order a code lock.
This is our best-selling code lock: durable, robust, reliable, and yet executed in an attractive modern design. The smart digital, waterproof code lock LP903A is contemporary and elegantly designed with minimalist lines. It can be installed outdoors in all weather conditions. The working temperature of this lock ranges from -20℃ to 80.

The rubber backlit keys on the keyboard work perfectly. The weatherproof sliding cover protects the keyboard from bad weather and external damage.

This electronic code lock enrolls 10 PIN code users with 1-10 digit PIN codes and 2 master PIN codes. The factory default mode is Auto-Lock Mode (ALM), which means that the door will re-lock automatically after 6 seconds.

There is also a temporary unlocked mode (TUM), which means the door is unlocked until you restore the auto-lock mode. When the lock is set to TUM mode, users simply press the outer lever to unlock without entering a PIN, useful e.g. on a birthday when you expect more visitors.

Another feature is Anti Malicious Operation. When this function is activated, incorrect PIN access attempts will cause the lock to stop for three minutes after five consecutive times. All keys on the external keyboard no longer work. There is a re-lock button in the indoor unit, press the re-lock button to lock the door from the inside. PIN codes are safely stored even if the batteries run out.

For emergencies, mechanical keys are provided. Thanks to the PIN code-free cylinder, this highly secure key is virtually impact-free. Three keys are included and cannot be counterfeited or replaced. Make sure you keep the emergency keys handy.