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Access control
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Access Control

Access control is a protocol that identifies users by checking and comparing their login credentials, which are stored in the system. These credentials can include user names, PINs, tokens or cards, and various biometric scans. Both touchless and touch access are possible.

Biotronic handles
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BioTronic handles

Biotronic handles is a product line of stainless steel door handles with an integrated fingerprint reader. The convenient placement of the capacitive surface sensor on the handle allows the user to open the lock and door at the same time.

Bluevision surveillance cameras
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Surveillance cameras

BlueVision is our surveillance camera program which includes all products that you need for effective surveillance of your property, home, or business of any size.

Smart locks
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Smart locks

Smart locks do not use a physical key to unlock the door but a smartphone or a purpose-configured smart card or key fob that performs wireless authentication for unlocking the door.

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Make your life more comfortable and saver

Take your living environment to the next level with our biometric solutions that provide a higher level of comfort and safety. Whether you are a company or an individual, in our security solutions we do not limit ourselves to ready-made pieces of hardware. We also provide fully integrated systems to meet your specific needs.

Possibilities we offer include access control systems, both contactless and touch systems. You can choose between fingerprint scanners, palm readers, vein scanners, QR-code scanners, and face recognition scanners. Products are available as standalone or network units. Here you can see some examples.

If you are planning to install new locks on your doors, you can choose between hybrid smart locks, code locks, fingerprint locks, and locks with face recognition, Bluetooth and WiFi technology, or a combination thereof. Click here to browse our smart locks. On top of it, we offer our BlueVision surveillance cameras with or without video monitoring software. Watch surveillance camera presentation videos here.
We are very proud of our innovative BioTronic Products, such as BioTronic Handles made of stainless steel and BioReaders for flush or wall installation. Both are available in analog or WiFi versions, with different types of controllers for wooden, aluminum, PVC doors, or DIN-type controller. You can watch several videos about the function and programming of the systems here.

Our products belong to a higher class of aesthetics, comfort, and safety. Both versions are an ideal solution for offices, businesses, and homes.

Contact us by email or phone for more information and to discuss your specific needs. We will advise the best biometric solution for you.

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