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BioReader with WiFi and app

27 Februari, 2019| ArtGuard Security

We have added WiFi and app to BioReader! From now on, you will be able to manage these wonderful fingerprint readers using your smartphone  and X-Manager app.
Administrators: 1 - 500 (register as many administrators as you wish). Administrators are the ones that can administer BioReaders using X-Manager app, so you better keep this number around 2 to 3 persons, depending on your professional needs or personal judgement.
Users: 1-500
Download X-Manager for iOS or Android (version 5.0 or higher). 
How to? Register the BioRader, register the administrator and start using it! Add users, make time schedule, export users to different doors...
There are two relays! Set opening time for the locks: 2,3, 4 or more seconds. Have guests that are not registered? No problem, set open time up to 600 minutes and no one will be left outside!
Delete users that have lost their entry rights with a simple click on delete button.
IP 65 rated.
3 year warranty for all models!
Interested? Want more information or you have specific request? Call +31 (0)113 270360 or send e-mail to 

There are four type of fingerprint scanners that are fitted with WiFi:

1. BioReader : this reader is ready for flush installation in your door or wall. Want wall-mount installation? No problem!
Available models: standalone (analog) or digital (WiFi).

2. BioPass
is ready for wall flush installation! It can be just as easy installed as any other switch!
Available only in digital (WiFi version). Available in four colors, see bellow image.


3. BioReader Module:
small in size to fit almost everywhere. Can be used in industry, smart home, small and big business, corporations, hospitals, kinder gardens and everywhere where the customer needs discrete but safe handling of his door or any other electrical apparatus.
Comes together with controller and Power unit.

4. BioTronic Handle made of Stainless Steel,
with built-in fingerprint module. Module can fit in front or back of the handle, customers choice. available in analog (standalone) or digital version (WiFi with app).

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