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 FLIPTOP KNOB: fingerprint, Bluetooth, Card and PIN code

FLIPTOP KNOB is a smart lock with fingerprint reader, Bluetooth, card and PIN code. 
This smart door lock is suitable for office buildings, apartments, rental houses, villas, bedrooms, etc.
Lock has two core patents in terms of design and practicality, and supports 11 languages.
Currently, Lock applications can be downloaded in 159 countries/regions. 
The lock is suitable for door thickness of 40cm-80cm.

There are four unlocking methods: fingerprint unlocking, PIN code unlocking, card unlocking
and application (smartphone) unlocking. 

It has 120 fingerprint users, 150 PIN code users and 200 card users. 
Applications and locks are connected via Bluetooth. Users can choose remote unlock on the application.
It supports IOS and Android systems. For IOS users, apps can be downloaded from the app store,
while for Android users, apps can be downloaded from Google Play. 
User registration, deletion and mode selection are programmed through touch screen keyboards.
Keyboard buttons are capacitive touch. For higher security, this lock provides virtual code (16 bits). 
Semiconductor fingerprint reader is built in the shell. 
The working temperature ranges from - 40 to 70 degrees, suitable for different temperatures. 
Powered by four 1.5V AA batteries. The hidden USB charging interface is ready for emergency power supply.
Note: This turning knob smart bluetooth app lock is not only a door lock, but also an Attendance Manager
and Rental Room Manager. 
You can download two different Apps for both applications. Company attendance management applications,
support three ways of attendance management: app, code and IC card.
Through this application, the attendance rate and statistics of employees can be checked and managed. 
There is another housing management application to download for the Housing management application.
Housing management applications have many functions: sending check codes, managing registration
and checkout, checking tenant lists, checking apartment inspection records, adding real estate branches,
paying rent, reporting maintenance, etc. The landlord can send various bills to the tenant.
Optional bills include rent bills, utilities, gas bills, property management bills, etc.
In short, the lock and its application provide full-featured attendance and rental room management.
Housing and Handle Material:Zinc Alloy
Power Supply:Alkaline Batteries, 4.5V (DC1.5VAA x4)
Fingerprint Scanner:semiconductor
False Acceptance: Rate(FAR)0.00004(%)
False Rejection Rate:(FRR)0.15(%)
Matching Speed:Less than 0.5 second
User Capacity:
120 fingerprints,
150 PIN Codes,
200 cards
Dimensions:20cm*17.5cm*9.0 mm
Weight:2.0 kg per unit
Working Humidity:20 to 93% Relative Humidity
Working Temperature:-40℃~70℃
IP 54

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